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In order to minimise costs, Newsletters are distributed to members via e-mail and will be posted here approximately one month later.

Current Newsletters

The next Newsletter will be issued on or before 12 December. Click below if you don’t receive it.

1. Check your spam/junk e-mail folder. If it is there, tell your e-mail client that the mail is not spam, so future Newsletters will not be diverted.

2. There are a very small number of members for whom we do not have e-mail addresses, and we have failed to contact via other means. Use the Contacts page to get in touch

3. Are you a paid up member of SAFE? It costs as little as £5 to join, and support off-road riding in your area. Visit the Membership page.

4. If you joined SAFE very recently have you set up your Standing Order and informed the treasurer?

5. If none of the above apply, e-mail the Treasurer and we will look into it.

Sample Archived Newsletters

Newsletter April 2012

Newsletter June 2006

Newsletter January 2006