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We can provide advice about contacts and grant funding and have some limited  funds (which added to “matched” grant funding can often go quite a long way). If so please do get in touch .


Two members of SAFE attended a good meeting with Caerphilly Council in respect of the Caerphilly Landscape project, which has limited funds to support environmental and access projects. The good news is that two horse related schemes are being taken forward. First, over two applications,  Ruperra trust have secured funding of improvements to their routes – the majority of work being done on the horse route – and the cost of that work which involves surfacing and drainage will exceed £6000, so riders and other users will see a significant improvement.

See a map of the Ruperra route here.

Secondly, there’s a very poor step over which comes down from the forestry on the road just to the west of Maenllwyd pub in Rudry. It is overgrown, very muddy and involves a very steep step down right onto the road. It needs building up, some proper surfacing and some clearance work in order to provide a safe entrance and exit . Nearly £600 has been allocated to fund this work so again there should be a material improvement (although on a much smaller scale).

The meetings have representations from landowners; commoners; cyclists; walkers; and horse riders as well as environmentalists . It’s a nice example of everyone working together for the common good.

North Machen

SAFE is currently in contact with Caerphilly County Borough Council regarding the replacement or repair of a gate which is proving impossible to manage from horseback.

Gwern-y-Domen planning application

SAFE was previously involved with the BHS, Caerphilly Council and the Welsh Forestry Commission in the creation of routes in the area for walkers, cyclists and riders.

SAFE is currently active in feeding into the consultation process regarding a housing development in this area, which may impact negatively on access for horse riders.

There are concerns that a development on a green field site will increase traffic on country lanes used by horseriders and SAFE needs to understand how any new roads and housing will impact on the bridlepath at its northern end.

Horse Step over Coed Coesau

The step over is steep and very muddy. Being close to a road makes it more dangerous. SAFE has been in contact with Natural Resources Wales with a view to raising the surface and (if practicable) moving it back to make it safer.