RUDRY 1, Coesau Whips woods Step-over

As you leave the woods behind Cwm Farm and drop down onto the road, just to the west of the Maenllwyd pub, there is a step over which had been eroded and was both muddy and steep. SAFE was concerned about its state and the potential risk this posed to users.

After some months of negotiation with Caerphilly Council and Natural Resources Wales, work was carried out at the beginning of November 2019.

“After” photo courtesy of SAFE member Andrew Stewart


Previously local riders had to ride up a steep narrow hill to the Graig in Lisvane.  There was a serious accident here in 2007 involving a car and rider.

Before and After

Now there is a parallel route.  SAFE contributed £3000, the BHS £1000 towards the grant funded work and huge thanks to Gillian Lawson from Lisvane Community Council without whose unflagging support this would not have been possible.

The step down at the Tongwynlais end of the horse route was eroding and resembling a cross-country obstacle.  Work undertaken by the Forestry Commission and SAFE sited the step over back from the road and provided surfacing material to prevent further erosion.


Improvements to exits
Horrible deep clay – now multi use surface
Difficult “V” and 3 gates removed at start of Br 10 Draethan.
Rotten gate on Br57 replaced with corral
Improvements to surfacing
Impassable gate replaced by Horse-friendly gate

Other Projects

Case Hill Woods

The Woodland Trust created a new horse route in these woods, near Michaelston-le-pit. SAFE donated £1,000 to the Trust towards the £6,800 cost of the route.