Updating the Membership

In order to keep members up to date, and advise of important events (such as the upcoming AGM 2020), we need a way to easily and quickly contact members. Future Newsletters will also be distributed by e-mail.

The December 2019 Newsletter will contain details of SAFE’s AGM, some fun facts and articles and even a Christmas Puzzle page.

Click on the buttons below for more information.

We now have e-mail addresses for all but a small handful of members. If you have a Facebook page that you have not visited for a while – please visit it now. SAFE has messaged all members for whom we could find Facebook pages and where we did not have contact details.

We have also telephoned some members to request e-mail details. If you have received such a message, please respond in order not to miss out!

If your Standing Order was set up and confirmed to SAFE before 12 December, you should receive the Newsletter with everyone else.

If after 12 December, you will be sent it once you confirm that the Standing Order has been set up.

Is there any other way we can contact you, quickly and cheaply? Do we have your mobile number? Is there a close family member who could receive the e-mails on your behalf? (Remember to check with them first!)

If you ride with, or otherwise know, any members of SAFE who may not have seen this message, direct them to the web site and ask them to get in touch (if they need to update their contact information), so we can make sure that they are kept fully informed about SAFE’s activities.