SAFE Action Committee 13 September 2019

Meeting 13 September 2019 (Pendragon, Cardiff)

A. SAFE Administration

It was noted that SAFE is still alive and kicking!  The website has been
updated.  There are new members on the Committee taking on the roles of
Treasurer and Membership Secretary.  Many thanks for all the hard work and
the many years commitment made by the departing committee members.  Thanks
to all SAFE members for their continuing support!

SAFE does have a lack of active members and members are to be encouraged to
assist. SAFE is a self-help group, but it can provide advice, assistance and
support to members wishing to take projects forward.

It was noted with some pleasure that SAFE now covers a wide area –
Risca/Brynmawr; Caerphilly; Rudry; Machen; Cardiff, and Dinas Powys.

B. Ongoing Projects

A new SAFE member is leading a response to the NRW proposals for flood
defences in Dinas Powys which may involve Casehill Woods where SAFE helped
fund a permissive horse route, with support from the committee.

Another SAFE member has worked hard to achieve a link between Forest Fawr
and the Walnut Tree Line at Ty Rhiw which also creates a link to the Taff

Several SAFE members attended the Gwern y Domen protest event on horse back,
highlighting the effects of a predicted increase in vehicle usage of narrow
lanes and the danger to other road users plus the destruction of the local
flora and fauna.

C. Other Issues

Illegal scrambler/motor bikes in forestry and common areas are a continuing
problem.  Please carry on reporting these using 101. The SAFE website also
has a permanent link on the right hand side to the BHS reporting facility.

The Committee aims to hold its AGM in February 2020. Invitations will be
sent by e-mail so it is important that SAFE has up to date contact details
for members. This will be publicised via the Facebook group.