Fforest Fawr/Walnut Tree directions

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If you start the ride in Fforest Fawr, you can follow the main path all the way down to the new step over, but there are lots of horse routes off the main path, and also through Forest Ganol on the other side of the road, that can provide additional riding if you want to explore before returning to the main path and proceeding to the new step over.

New Step over

Go over the step over , down the narrow path and out past the houses, then bear right down the steep lane and out onto Abbey Close proper.

Looking back to…

Turn right at the end of Abbey Close and continue along the road, past the houses and cemetery (about quarter of a mile) until you come to a red/yellow barrier. Turn left over the step over down the track next to the barrier. The track runs down by the side of the cemetery.

Track next to Cemetery, on Left Hand Side by Barrier

Follow this stony track down to meet the Taff Trail (Walnut Tree Line) then turn right along the trail.

Follow the trail (which has a “horse route” verge on the RHS for most of its length).

When the trail moves from following the A470 to running parallel to Nantgarw Hill it diverges.

One branch continues as the Taff Trail and has a “No Horses” sign, but the previous horse “barriers” have been removed recently and I understand the path is now open to horses.  Follow this path until it emerges through barriers onto the latter end of the concrete sidings area.

The other branch (which was the original formal horse route) takes you up over an old bridge to a bungalow and livery yard (Bwlch y Maen) where you take a left turn over a step over onto a track that takes you out onto the old concrete sidings area. Keep straight on (keeping on the LHS) through the sidings area until it becomes a concrete track that joins up with the end of the Taff Trail.

Looking Back To : end of Taff Trail route and concrete sidings-path meeting point

Follow the steep concrete path up through the barriers and stones –  go up the tarmac lane a few hundred yards until you meet Blackbrook Road.

Looking Back To: point at which route meets tarmac lane leading to Blackbrook Road

Turn right onto Blackbrook Road and follow it all the way to the T junction at the Black Cock Inn (approx quarter of a mile).

Turn right at the T junction and continue for approx quarter of a mile until the road forks – turn right back down to the entrance, on the RHS, back to Forest Fawr car park.

Have fun !!