April 2020 Newsletter Answers

One Letter Out

  1. A girl from Kansas travels to see an iguana in this 1939
    classic film. The Lizard of Oz (from The Wizard of Oz)
  2. In this Dickens novel, Little Nell embarks on a strange
    sea voyage. The Old Curiosity Ship (from The Old Curiosity Shop)
  3. A Tarantino montage film, where a host of stars learn
    how to talk like the cheap novels of the 30s and 40s. Pulp Diction (from Pulp Fiction)
  4. A breeze apparently prevents Mole from falling asleep
    in this children’s tale. The Wind in the Pillows (from the Wind in the Willows)
  5. A great white shark tries to join the legal profession. Laws (from Jaws)
  6. A woman from a convent aims to be the best pilot
    aboard the aircraft carrier Enterprise. Top Nun (from Top Gun)
  7. Birmingham gang members wear contraptions to stop
    them seeing sideways, and being startled. Peaky Blinkers (from Peaky Blinders)
  8. A female Russian assassin tries to present an invoice
    to a British Intelligence officer. Billing Eve (from Killing Eve)

One Letter More

  1. Crying after fisticuffs (5, 4) Brawl Bawl
  2. Offer someone Earl Grey and Lapsang
    Souchon, then take them away at the last minute
    (4, 5) Teas Tease
  3. Infatuated with the gauntlet (4, 5) Love Glove
  4. Those pigments hurt! (5, 4) Paint Pain
  5. The origins of the mechanical men (6, 5) Robots Roots
  6. Reduce the number of places to leave your car (6, 7) Paring Parking
  7. Your mate just fell into a vat of boiling oil!! (5, 6) Fried Friend
  8. Locomotive struggles (5, 6) Train Strain
  9. Armoured vehicle had an odour… (4, 5) Tank Stank
  10. No ewes allowed on the public transport (3, 4) Ram Tram

Keeping SAFE

Clockwise, from the top left

Theresa May – Mick Jagger – Humphrey Bogart – Chris Hemsworth

Word Square

The nine letter word was BRIDLEWAY.

Other answers will be posted shortly.